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The solution to the chaos of business to customer communication

May 15, 2020 in Marketing

The solution to the chaos of business to customer communication

Business is hard. It’s even harder for small business owners.

Out of the many jobs a small business owner must partake in, the key job is to keep customers happy and get paid by their products or services.

Joe owns an accounting office. Here is his daily life.

In the morning, he checks his emails. There are hundreds of unread emails, some of them government notifications. He scans through the emails, cherry picking the important ones. Email is one of the communication tools that he uses.

Then he opens his Skype and checks messages from his team members. He has to answer the noticeable questions. He uses Skype for internal team chat.

Now Joe goes to work. He opens his tax software and finds out certain documents are missing for one of his clients. He has to call the clients to send over the documents. Unfortunately, the client does not pick up the phone. Now he has to send another email to the client and wait for the response. It may take several days until the missing documents will be ready.

He has some questions on the next client’s filing document. Again, he picks up the phone, and emails the client. No response. Yet again, he has to wait.

At last, he finishes the tax for another client. Everything is good, with tax done in 15 minutes. However, he needs his client to sign the document in order for him to file it to the IRS. He used to mail the document for the signature, but it took too long. Now he pays DocuSign a monthly fee to send signatures to clients.

There is an appointment for an important business client at 1pm. For whatever reason, the business client does not arrive on time. Now he has to call or email the business client for another appointment.

Out of all of the mess, the phone is ringing for all kinds of issues. There are tax consultation questions, customers calling back, appointments, billing issues, staff questions, and more.

Not to mention the quarterly business tax filing deadline.

You can see a pattern in the chaos. Communication, communication & communication chaos. It doesn’t have to be this way. What if there is one system solving all these communications issues?

This is how WikiPro is invented. What if there was a software platform that could take care of everything, without email, phone, fax, Skype, Docusign, and billing services?

WikiPro is a system which improves external customer and internal team communication.

Our business texting product solves the issue of external customer communication. You get real time response on issues. For those want to save texting cost, we have a free mobile App. The mobile App works like WhatsApp and has additional features such as private comment, read receipt, message recall.

WikiPro’s team chat solves internal team communication issues. There is no need to juggle information between Skype and Email.

Need face-to-face communication? Open the video chat module. You don’t need to pay another video chat provider.

The e-signature module takes care of the digital signature. You send a text to a customer, and the signature is done in seconds.

The task management module allows business owner and staff to manage the tasks. You know exactly when a task is done or needs to be done.

The all-in-one business to customer communication platform is one of a kind. Give it a try, and you won’t be disappointed. Your customers will be delighted as well. See a short video below.

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