Business Texting
With Your Landline

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Your customers want to call or text you with the same business number!

Business texting with customers

Landline texting: WikiPro enables the existing landline number for SMS texting. Separate personal cellphone calls from business calls for better convenience and security.
Shared Inbox: Share messages across a team and reply with a shared inbox.
Private comment: Make quicker decisions with in-line discussions within customer messages.

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Call me maybe, Not. Your customers want you to text them instead. Why chase them with unanswered phone or email? Reach customers effectively and efficiently with text. You can use text for a lot of things with WikiPro:

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Text to get signature. Get your document signed with texting.

Text to start a video chat. Send a text to customer with a video chat link.

Text to get online reviews. Get more online reviews and stand out with text.

Text for appointment reminder.

Answer your customers incoming text messages instantly.

Keep your number

You have a number and you keep the number. Customers can text the number that you already have.

Use for employees

Text messages are not limited to customers. With this one solution you can also text your employees and achieve the same urgency.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Landline Texting?

Landline Texting allows you to send and receive text messages on your current business phone number. Think of it as a texting plan for your landline. Once you set your account, your line will be text enabled in minutes.

Do I need a special phone or phone line for my landline texting to work?

No. The service is accessed via a browser or app, so you can log into to your texting account from any connected computer, smartphone or tablet. Best of all, you can text enable your existing business land line number

What types of numbers do you support?

We can text enable landlines. But we cannot use toll free numbers or existing cell phone number.

How do I send and receive texts via my landline?

You use a web browser or WikiPro App to send and receive texts, anywhere, any time.

Will WikiPro effect my voice calls?

WikiPro does not in any way effect your voice plan, carrier, voicemail or voice services. There is no extra charge to your existing phone bill. It operates completely independently of your current voice plan and service.

Why business text with WikiPro?

Business texting is one of the core features of WikiPro. We have unique other features to help business grow such as team chat, task management, appointment, payment.

Texting is the preferred communication channel than email or phone call

98% of SMS open rates vs. 20% open rates of emails

90 secs for someone to response with a text vs. 90 minutes to respond to an email

96% of customers find phone calls to be disruptive

This App is Amazing… To be able to have instant message access to an accounting team made my life 100x easier. Getting my Taxes done was a breeze. Love it!!

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Marie B

It is a good software to communicate with clients.
It's document design makes it stand out.

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Zeyang R

Works wonderfully! Very easy and convenient to use. The signing feature is the best I've seen. The app is smooth and everything falls in the right place.

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Srinivas P