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Google and Facebook Reviews

You work hard for your business and you deserve to receive a good reputation online: Google reviews or Facebook reviews.
Customer wants to give you a great review. It is just complicated for them to give you one.
With WikiPro, you send a text message to request for a review. With a few clicks, your customer can leave a review in Google or Facebook within 30 seconds. It is so easy and anyone can do it.
It is simple: You send a text, your customer leaves a review. The more reviews, the more businesses for you.

How WikiReviews works ?

Review Dashboard
  1. 1
    Request reviews by texting.

    We can use your business landline number to request reviews.

  2. 2
    Customer leaves review.

    Customer leaves a review in under 30 seconds.

  3. 3
    Manage reviews.

    Manage and reply Google & Facebook reviews in the dashboard.


More features at a lesser price

Our pricing is less than half for our competitor. Why pay so much more if you can get reviews feature from WikiPro? WikiPro is more than online reviews. We have business texting, signatures, payments, teamchat, task management modules.
We are able to do this as our development team and marketing team are agile and nimble. Our customers are referring us to friends which keeps cost down. Your referral is the best friend to enable us to develop the best product and keep the cost down.

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Why should I use WikiReviews for my business?

Your online reputation matters. WikiPreviews makes it easy to get tons of online reviews.
You can easily send review requests while managing existing and new reviews from Google and Facebook from our web app.
WikiPro is more than online reviews. Our tool is proven to get more customers and sales for businesses. We have business texting, signatures, payments, team chat, task management modules.

Why should I care about reviews?

Reviews can make or break a business. When customers search for a business, the first thing they will see is your ratings and reviews. Google and Facebook ranks business with higher ratings and reviews in first page.
By seeking more reviews, you are more likely to be found by the search engines, hence more businesses.
On the other hand, you can be on top of bad reviews. If someone leaves a bad review, you can reply the review right away and also address the customer concern. A few bad reviews are ok as long as you have majority of great 5 star reviews.

What review platforms do you support?

We support Google and Facebook at the time. We're working on the other platform, so stay tuned.

How can I get more reviews?

You can send a review request via a text message using your own business landline number.
This is the more effective than email or phone as it is convenient. Further, you can manage your Google and Facebook reviews in our dashboard directly. You can reply the reviews in real time without logging into Google and Facebook.