WikiPro clients can be categorized as App clients or None-App clients. App clients need to download WikiPro App to use the system. Non-App clients do not need to install App.

For App clients, here is how it works:

1) Clients download free IOS/Android APP

Your clients download the free WikiPro Android/iOS Apps. Search "WikiPro" in App store or Google Play to install the App.

2) Professional approves client

Professional need to approve or set up clients for them to use the free Apps.

3) Professional and clients start communication

Professional and clients can have instant chat, voice, e-sign documents, file sharing & more.

For None-App clients, here is how it works:

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1) We text enable your existing business phone number

Your clients are already calling your landline or toll-free business number. WikiPro enables the existing number so your clients can send SMS text to you.

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2) Professionals use WikiPro platform

Our simple web app and mobile app allow you to text clients from anywhere, anytime. Just log in a web browser or WikiPro App, add your clients and start texting them like a pro.

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3) Your texts are sent to clients securely

Your texts are reaching clients securely and immediately. Your clients can text back and this is a two way communication.